Sitting on Whiskey Hill 7 miles off the Mass Turnpike is Palmer Motorsports Park, the first private roadracing course in Massachusetts. Designed for driver training, vehicle testing and motorsports, Palmer Motorsports Park offers the ultimate pavement to pursue your passion for racing and speed. PMP Whiskey Hill Raceway is 2.3 miles long, 40-feet wide. Join Apex for a sure to be memorable high performance driving experience!

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to bring with me for the event?

In order to drive on the track you will need to bring an SA2005 or newer Helmet, a long sleeve shirt and long pants. You will also need closed toed shoes.

What do I need to do in order to get my car ready to drive on the track?

Please see the attached vehicle preparation guide. We do not perform "Technical Inspections" on the day of the event.

Do I need to purchase vehicle Insurance for driving on the track?

While we have yet to have a driver damage their vehicle at one of our events, accidents are exactly that, accidents. We are a driving school, so certain insurance companies will cover incidents, but some will not. For dedicated event coverage, we work with Lockton Affinity insurance. You can find the coverage plans here.

Will I be "racing" my car?

No, Apex offers high performance driver training. We provide an opportunity to learn how to properly drive and control your car on a closed road course. The purpose of our events is to help you become more comfortable behind the wheel and ultimately a better driver.

Can I bring guests?

Absolutely! If you have friend who would want to check out our events, we'd love to have them! We also have a referral program ($50 off for each driver) if your friend decides that they want sign-up for the driving portion and participate in the driving portions of the day. Also, our pros are happy to take your guests out on hot laps!

How long is the day?

The schedules vary from group to group – please see attached schedules for your respective run group – but Apex personnel will be at the track at 7:30 am and the final checker is at 6 pm.

What is the minimum age to participate and what are the prerequisites?

The minimum driving age is 18 years old. You additionally need to have a valid driver's and be able to fully operate a motor vehicle without any encumbrances.

Will there be food and beverages available?

Absolutely! Apex Provides lunch as well as snack and beverages over the course of the day. We pride ourselves on our hospitality and accommodations!

Do I need to drive my own car or are rental cars available?

While the majority of our drivers do bring their own cars, we also have rental race cars available as well. Please take a look at our website: Rental pricing ranges from 1,095 to $2,295, sign-up is available at checkout.

How much driving time will I get?

At the minimum each of our drivers will receive 2 hours on driving time. In addition, there will be classroom time as well as seat time riding shotgun with the Apex Pros.

How many other cars will be on track with me?

We believe that there is no place for traffic when you are trying to drive. We limit our run groups to 15 cars maximum for our P2 and P1 drivers. We cut that number down to 10 for our P3 Drivers.

What kind of instruction will I be receiving over the course of the day?

At all of the Apex events, education is paramount. Each driver will have a dedicated professional instructor to coach them over the course of the day. For P3 Students, the ratio is 1:1 and the coaches provide instruction from the right seat. For P2 and P1 drivers, the coaches are out on track lapping with the field. They provide real-time feedback – in the form of at speed lead and follow – and critiques in the paddock immediately following the driving sessions.

How do I determine which group (P3, P2, or P1) I register in?

If you have attended fewer than three events, register in P3 (Beginner). If you have attended between 3 and 10 events, register in P2 (Intermediate). If you have attended 10 events or more, register in P1 (Advanced). Feel free to email us if you have any questions.

What happens if it rains?

Apex events run rain or shine. If the weather is inclement to the point of being unsafe to drive, the event will be rescheduled. However, learning to drive in the rain is the most valuable skill of all! We will have a special rain classroom session if this occurs.

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