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I have attended several of Dan Bloom's driving events and have never been disappointed. He attends to every detail to make the day an enjoyable and memorable experience. The food is great and there are many opportunities to drive. I especially like that I can ride with my husband and cousin, and them with me. This has helped me to be a better driver. Dan is always looking for new ways to make his events even better. He is very open to feedback to make his events the best they can be. He is enthusiastic, very well organized and a terrific host! I would highly recommend any driving event he is involved with.

Deb Penney

Apex Driving Events provide an awesome day with tons of track time!!! I loved the laid back, social atmosphere. When my husband and I signed up I was worried about how much time we would actually spend together knowing how other track days are run. But we were able to drive together in our car and learn from each other. This was especially great for me since it was only my second track day. And we only get so many days away from the kids together and it was great to be able to spend it in our car, on the race track and with each other!!! The wine celebration at the end was an added bonus. I look forward to our next Apex driving event!

Jackie Taylor

I have been attending track events with consistency over the past five years and the camaraderie and atmosphere at Apex is the best I have experienced yet. The instructors are top notch, there's plenty of track time and traffic is never an issue.

Billy Prendergast

Lapping the race track has become my escape from the high pressures of my day to day routine. Attending events with Apex has allowed to realize exactly what I am looking for in a "tack day." The atmosphere is awesome, the cars are awesome and given how small the run groups are, I'm never caught up in a train of cars. I can't wait for the next event.

Billy Parmentier

I attended all of the apex events in 2014 and had a great experience. Apex provides a ton of track time with a group of great drivers. I like to record my lap times and at Apex events I was able shave seconds off my best lap times on tracks that I've been driving for years.

Cliff Corwith



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